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Modern, professional & consistent messaging via customized and unique digital business card


Keep up to date with all your employees connections in real time + update their connections about any change in employee details like promotions or exits…


A safe and secured cloud based platform for all your employees and clients contact information.

How it works



Choose the right template and the information to be represented



Deploy the design across organization for all your employees to use it via our app


That’s it

That’s it. Now sit back, track and monitor the use of your digital business card!!!


Seamless Integration

Less than 12% of business cards makes it to company’s CRM. Now, sync all contacts made using the app to your company’s centralised database.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Go paperless. Save 100s of trees that are cut to make paper business cards.

Instant Digitization

Scan the paper card received to digitize it instantly & send out your digital business card.

Smart Contact Management

Smartly manage all your contacts by adding notes, reminders, tagging and quickly searching for them. Be more productive.

Integrated Networking

Send notification to your employee’s contacts when they change their contact information, position or when they are leaving the organization

Save time & money

Save money and skip the hassle of designing, ordering and reordering of paper business cards for your employees and create a unified brand identity by sharing it with all your employees


Individuals & Startups

Easy self setup

Unlimited card scans

Unlimited card shares

No admin panel access


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Businesses - Monthly Plan

Free Setup

Unlimited card scans

Unlimited card shares

Monthly billing

Admin panel access

INR 100/user/month /

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Businesses - Annual Plan

Free Setup

Unlimited card scans

Unlimited card shares

Annual billing

Admin panel access

INR 800/user/year /

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Frequently asked questions

If you use paper visiting cards, then ProContact.app is for you, no matter how small or big your business is.

ProContact’s e-cards are shared as a link sent over an email or an sms. The recipient’s do not need to download our app to view your e-card.

We strongly recommend to start using digital business cards as this gives your company a tech savvy image.We will never post any ads in the e-cards shared by you; thereby ensuring that your brand image is never diluted

Just register as an admin for your company on our website to get the access to admin panel. You can add / remove users, see analytics report, view the contacts made by the company's employees and do a host of things managing all your users from the admin panel.


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