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Why Using A Digital Business Card Is The Smartest Option?

Why Using A Digital Business Card Is The Smartest Option?

July 07, 2021

We’re in an era where we’re practically running most of our errands from the confines of our home. Even before we entered this phase, we saw ample changes taking place. From waving a card for payment to self-boarding gates at the airport, the world is more digitized than we think.

It was not long ago when professionals met and shared their prized business cards with one another. Well, not much has changed since then, except business cards are now digital! What’s more, these cards can even be made on a digital business card app!

Continue reading to learn more about why using digital business cards is the smartest option.

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards are an e-version of the traditional paper business cards. These cards can be created on a digital business card app that lets you design them from scratch.

Digital business cards let you share information about yourself, the work you do, and more about your company, with the people you send your card to. You can share these cards over various social media and messaging platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and even via email.

The best part about digital cards is that you don’t need to remember where you met a person, why you have their card or rummage through drawers to find them again. These digital cards store all of that information for you on your smartphones!

The reasons of having a digital business card

Innovation always gives us exciting things to explore. One of the most exciting things that this generation has come up with is a digital business card. If you’re wondering whether it is worth it, we’ll tell you why it’s not just a fancy idea; there’s more to it!

Statistics say that more than 10 billion business cards are printed in a year. However, 88% of these cards are discarded within a week. Meanwhile, companies and individuals spend an average of $194 on one set of paper business cards.

Creating a business card on a digital business card app is a more cost-efficient, convenient, and sustainable idea. Here are the main reasons why digital business cards are the way to go.

You can express yourself better

Digital business cards allow you to create a card that can also reflect your brand or company’s story through attached media. A digital business card app will also let you customize engaging visuals that narrate a story.

You can even find a free digital business card app on your smartphone’s app store. Such apps allow all kinds of media like audio, music, videos, images, and custom fonts and graphics.

Digital business cards never burn a hole in your pocket

The business card printing industry earns a whopping $798.6 million in a year. However, a digital business card app will either create your card for free or nominal monthly rates of a few dollars. You can save this money and invest it in other necessary areas of your business.

Digital cards are the epitome of convenience

You’ve realized by now that you can attach images, videos, and links to your digital card. However, that’s not all. These digital cards can be stored, searched, and even shared using a single platform. This saves time and makes connecting to people easier.

The digital business card app that you use to design your card also lets you organize your cards and contact details, including emails, addresses, contact numbers, and social media profiles.

Another huge plus point of having digital cards is that you can simply edit and update any changes in your employment or personal details. These updates are made instantly on the digital business card app. This means you won’t have to reprint a whole batch of cards again.

Digital business cards are kinder to the environment

Traditional business cards are made out of paper. Millions of trees are felled annually just to print cards, pamphlets and the list is endless. By using a digital business card, you’re not only permanently storing important data but also saving the earth in the process!

You can be more organized than ever using digital cards

A digital business card app keeps your data updated by automatically uploading any changes made by your contacts on their business cards. This helps you stay informed of all necessary changes in advance. You can even organize all your contacts to easily search for a particular contact anytime you want.

Another added benefit is that you’ll never run out of cards, or forget to keep them in your wallet! For instance, you’re visiting a conference; all you need to do is get your smartphone along to share your business card with others. Simultaneously, you can use your digital business card app to store others’ cards or even digitize them if needed.

Finally, you can manage your professional contacts efficiently, which might even earn you more important connections. Who knows, you may even connect with a client or two!

Final takeaways

Digital business cards are an exciting innovation to promote a green, paperless world. You can design these cards using a free digital business card app in a few taps. Moreover, digital cards are convenient, cost-efficient, and look fantastic!

Your business card is always on your smartphone, and so are your business contacts. So now you can socialize, build connections and even look up potential clients all on your phone. Since these are digital, your data will never get lost or end up in the bin! So, what are you waiting for? Get your digital business card from our professionals!

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