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Why Going Paperless Benefits Your Business?

July 07, 2021

Do you know the amount of paper your office consumes in a single day? According to surveys, a typical office employee ends up using 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Also, 45% of the paper used in a single day in an office ends up in the trash by the end of the day. What does this tell you about the wastage and cost associated with paper?

Paper does prove to be important in a business. All the marketing collaterals, including brochures, pamphlets, business cards, or letterheads, are paper-based. But is it a smart choice to use a paper brochure instead of a digital one, or a paper business card instead of a digital business card

Going paperless has various benefits

Better use of budget

Quite a bit of an office’s budget goes into stationery and printing. The printer and its ink are added expenses. You will be stunned at the amount being paid to get brochures and business cards printed. 

Especially in a startup environment, the cost is more as changes are frequent. It may be shifting offices or phone numbers, or high employee turnover. To change details on printed documents is tedious and costly. It is wiser to use digital visiting cards and brochures. 

Going paperless gives extra cash to the business to invest in its employees’ wellbeing or customer services.

Reduces carbon footprints

The corporate world is trying to reduce its carbon footprints. The easiest option for them is to go paperless as it saves thousands of trees and chemicals from printing. It also ends up reducing unnecessary clutter in the workplace. 

A chance to go creative

Going paperless gives businesses a chance to go creative with their work. For instance, get a cool digital business card that leaves an impression on other people. A normal business card would end up getting lost in the bundle with other cards.

Frequently changing designs for marketing materials also becomes easier, as it does not come with the added expense of getting them printed each time.

Saves ink and does not end up in the dump

As already mentioned, a lot of paper eventually ends up in the garbage. This garbage does include a lot of ink, which ends up being harmful to the environment. The ink contains chemicals that need a separate process for recycling.  

Even if a business takes the initiative to recycle its paper, it comes with additional costs and headaches. The smart choice is to go digital. The world is moving towards digitalization. Plastic and digital money is replacing paper cash. The sooner a business turns itself into complete digital, the more it saves cost.

ProContact is a company that is helping businesses with this transformation by providing creative and modern digital business cards. ProContact provides user-specific solutions and pricing for its customers. The businesses end up saving a lot of resources by switching to digital business cards by ProContact. You can try us for free and see the difference it makes into your work environment. Go ahead and give us a try!

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