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What Is A Digital Business Card?

July 05, 2021

In this fast-paced world of digitization, the use of paper has almost lost its relevance. We are inclining towards the use of technology and drifting away from traditional methods. The digitization of the commercial sector has not been left behind. Moreover, since business cards are the mere tool that helps run successful businesses, they have not been left behind.

Digital business cards are the next big thing in the modernization of the commercial sectors. These cards are like traditional business cards but not on paper. They exist digitally on screen and in technological devices. These cards are created on mobile applications or websites. There are many platforms available online that can help you create a digital business card. Like conventional business cards, the purpose of these is networking and promoting your brand. All this without the additional cost of printing is a great way to manage your finances.

There are countless benefits of using a digital business card over the more conventional options. A few of the key features of a digital business card are as follows.

Share conveniently

You can share a digital business card anywhere. These are the easiest to share with people because they do not require any physical means. You can distribute your business cards overseas through a simple email! You cannot find this level of convenience with conventional business cards.

Be Prominent

The usage of digital business cards is still on the rise. People are getting used to this change in the dynamic. So, if you opt for a digital business card for your business, you will be standing out. Professionals will take notice, and your business cards will be well-appreciated among people.

Less space is occupied

With the Digitisation of business cards, you can store more data in very little space. Unlike physical business cards, you do not need a lot of storage area to keep digital business cards. You can attach media to it; make it more creative and appealing all without wasting an extra inch of space in your working station.

Track Statistic Information with ease 

You can track the number of people who get your business card digitally with great ease. Computer software is responsible for managing all the statistical data with regard to your business marketing. This takes a load off your shoulders and makes your job significantly easier.


A digital business card is great for the environment. When you choose not to print your business cards, you are not only saving a significant amount of money, but you are also looking out for the environment. You save a lot of virgin paper when you opt for a digital business card. Not only this, but you also reduce the pollution of waste materials.

If you are one for saving the environment and a little extra money for your business, then a digital business card is the way to go! ProContact is one of the leading digital business cards apps that can help you create innovative cards easily. This change might be highly beneficial to your business, and the best way to go about it is by opting for ProContact.

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