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How to Use a Digital Business Card?

July 05, 2021

Digital business cards are slowly making their way up the business hierarchy. Many businesses are beginning to use this option and dumping the old paper business card and adopting this fresh and eco-friendly option instead. The benefits of using a digital business card are manifold. However, new users may find using digital business cards a little difficult initially. Here are a few tips to get you started on using digital business cards in no time!

#1 Create a digital business card online 

There are multiple mobile apps available for digital business cards. You must make sure that the business card-creating platform you choose is secure.

Some of these apps provide a few free digital business card templates to choose from. For larger organizations, a very few of the good apps provide exclusive on-demand digital business card design depending upon the company’s logo, color themes, fonts, etc. One such platform which provides free templates and can also provide a custom-made exclusive design is ProContact.

You need to add the details to be shown on your digital business card (like contact information, a profile picture, company logo, company details, etc.) and choose the right template; that’s it. Your digital business card is all set and ready to be used.

#2 Share the new digital card with your Employees

Before sharing it with anyone else, you should enable your employees as well to use the same digital business card design via the same app platform by inviting them. Some of these platforms track your progress and scan the number of times your business card has been shared. Once you enable all your employees to use the new digital business card set up for your company, it becomes easier for them to distribute it to people. Every time your employee shares the business card, the data gets stored in your system. So, you can keep track of their progress!

#3 Share it via email, messages, etc.

You can share your digital business card via emails or SMS to your potential clients. This method is convenient, fast, and reliable. You can share your digital business card with multiple clients in no time. You can also share it using text messages, online messaging apps, etc. This method can improve your productivity exponentially.

#4 Track your progress

Once you share your business cards with your clients, all there is left to do is track your progress. Keep an eye on how many times your card has been shared and make sure you are using a secure network. If you keep all these points in mind, a digital business card can help your business grow greatly.

If you are looking for a reliable service to help you create a business card online from scratch, the ProContact app is the way to go. This app helps you throughout the process of creating a digital business card online. Right from the beginning, where you pick a template to the essential scans, this app does it all. One of the best parts about this application is that it is completely safe to use. It has never been a better time to switch to digital business cards, and with ProContact, this task has been simplified tremendously!

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