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Establish a Unified Brand Identity with Electronic Business Cards

How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Customized Digital Business Cards

July 06, 2021

Why are business cards essential? Is it only because of the contact information they contain, or is there more to it? Many businesses wonder about these questions, especially at the beginning of their journey.  

Business cards indeed hold more than your contact information. They are the reflection of your brand, and therefore, must be created with utmost care.  

The introduction of the digital business card online has widened the scope of creativity in business cards extensively. With the endless customization possibilities available online, businesses can get creative while designing their visiting cards.  

Here are some aspects you can consider while designing a digital business card.

Pick something that represents your business 

A business card should speak to your customers about what you do. There are several areas of a digital business card that you can customize to achieve this.  


For the background of your digital business card, you should pick a color that represents your brand. Stick to a single color to make it easily readable. Adding too much to the background can make it difficult for people to read the information written on it. 


Pick a font style that matches your business, but make sure it’s not too elaborate. Fonts that are easy to read are recommended.  

While choosing the font size, pay attention to how much space it takes on the card. You don’t want your digital business card to look overcrowded.   


Your business logo is the identity of your business. Therefore, your digital business card is incomplete without it. Add a clear business logo on your card, giving reasonable space around it. Your customers should be able to recognize your logo easily, for they are likely to carry it in their memory.


A small, one-sentence description of your business on your card can add to its appeal. If your business has a tagline, you can add it to your digital business card. If not, you can come up with a new one!

Add links to your website and social media handles 

A significant advantage of a digital business card is its more actionable CTA. You can add links to your website and other social media handles on the card. It will push the customers to check out your business with a single click.

To save space, you can add the link of your website to the logo, and add small social media icons with hyperlinks to your handles. Digital business card apps like ProContact can help you in adding links to your digital business card online

To sum up 

Your digital business card is the first thing your potential customers see before contacting you. It should, therefore, be attractive and precise to leave a lasting impression on them. Your business card should represent your work in the best possible way.  

ProContact App is a digital business card app that understands the needs of your creative business and designs your digital business card accordingly. To employ their services, contact them today!

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