1. Who is it for?

If you are a company using paper visiting cards (irrespective of your company size), this app is for you. The app helps you:

  1. replace paper visiting cards with our digital business cards
  2. helps your field sales team to enhance your sales funnel and work more efficiently
  3. never lose the visiting cards received and manage your contacts more smartly

If you are an individual professional, this app provides you a professional looking digital business card that you can use instead of paper business cards. You can also scan the paper cards received and digitize them instantly

2. Will I still need paper cards?

We aim at eliminating paper business cards completely.
However, we also understand that people have a habit of using paper visiting cards.
After sharing digital card 3-4 times, most of the users see the difference and do not turn back to paper cards.

3. Who can I share it with? Do they need the app as well?

You can share it with anyone who owns a smartphone. The recipient doesn’t need our app to view your e-cards. E-cards are shares via a web link which can open in any browser on any phone or computer.

4. How can I share my card?

Just download our app and register. That’s it. Start sharing your e-card for free forever.
We do not charge any fee to individual users.

5. Is it safe? Will you spam me? Will you spam my contacts or sell my data?

We take data security very seriously. We will never show any ads on any e-cards you have shared. Neither would we sell your data to anyone.
We may show a few (and trust us; very, very few) in-app ads to the users who are using the free version of our app. You can always upgrade to a paid version to ensure you do not see any ads.

6. What is the difference between business and free accounts?

For individuals and companies with less than 25 active app users, we provide the app for free with all the features.
We may show a very few ads to such app users (but never to their e-card recipients) in future to cover some of our costs.
Such users can opt to convert to premium ads free account by converting into a paid customer (although we strongly feel it is not required).

For teams and companies requiring more than 25 active app users, we offer the same app for a small fee and do not show any advertisements whatsoever.

7. Are CRM integrations included in the business package?

As of now, we provide you with an admin panel which is a web based dashboard where you can easily download all the connections made by your team in csv file and upload it easily to any CRM that you use.

However, we would be happy to support any integrations required by any premium client and depending upon the effort involved, we may charge a small fee. Please write to us using the contact us page to enquire more about the integration you are looking for.

8. How much do you charge to corporate clients?

We have different price offering depending upon the clients requirement.
For companies needing less than 25 users, we offer our app for free.
For bigger teams, irrespective of the team size, we have the following payment offers:

You can buy more licenses as and when you need from your admin dashboard.
Apart from the above, if you need us to design and implement an exclusive e-card design for your company, we would charge a one time fee of INR 10,000/-
Any other client specific customizations may come at some nominal cost depending upon the efforts involved.

9. Is there any hidden fees?


10. How do I add multiple employees in my company?

Just register as a company admin on our website and you will get access to the admin panel. You can add / remove users, see analytics report, view the contacts made by the company’s employees and do a host of things managing all your users from the admin panel.

11. What will be the impact of using ProContact digital business card on my business and brand image?

We strongly recommend to start using digital business cards as this gives your company a tech savvy image.We will never post any ads in the e-cards shared by you; thereby ensuring that your brand image is never diluted