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Characteristics Of The Perfect Electronic Business Card

May 02, 2020

An electronic Business card app plays an important role in any business. They not only provide essential details about a particular person but also give a preview of the brand. An electronic business card should be in total sync with the brand language of a company. They are meant to communicate with the customer, provide relevant details, and be attractive all at the same time. But how do you design a stellar and effective business card? Keep reading to figure out!

Tips for an impactful Electronic card

Now, what should you do with your business cards to make it stand out from the rest? Here are some tips that will help you create an impactful digital visiting card online.

    1. Pick the perfect color:

The right color will have a long-lasting impact on the receiver of the card. So, you can probably opt for a bright white or black background. Black often gives a rich look to the business card. It is recommended to keep the background in a single color. Avoid using background designs as they act as a hindrance to read the text.

    1. Clutter-free:

This is a very crucial tip! Keep your card design as clutter-free as possible. Keep only the most relevant details that you wish to convey through your card.

    1. Font:

The choice of font is an important decision for the design as it speaks of the brand. It should be in complete sync with your products or services. The font can be very simple. You could keep it as Arial or even Times New Roman if the brand requires it. Some of the other good font styles for a business card are – Brandon Grotesque, Brioso Pro, Proxima Nova, and Museo Sans.

    1. Go digital:

The unique thing you can do with your business card is to go digital. An electronic business card is much more attractive and professional than paper-based cards. These cards don’t get lost in the pile. Moreover, an e-business card app provides you with other features for your convenience.

    1. Add visuals:

Here, the visuals are basically your photo and the company logo. Now, people argue if you should put a headshot in business cards. It certainly leaves more impact if you do, and also gives a face to the brand image. Also, make sure that your brand logo is perfectly displayed on the card. No compromise on that!

    1. Keep it crisp and organized:

The overall look of the card should be bright and simple. The text should be properly organized within the limited space. The text size should vary as per the information it provides. Try to limit the space usage and keep the borders blank.

These are some of the crucial tips to help your business card stand out from others. The digital business card is the next-gen solution to a paperless economy. They also convey a strong statement about your company. You should consider using them to have a long-lasting impact on your client. They are eco-friendly and cost significantly lesser than the paper-based cards.

ProContact App provides you with exactly that and much more! We have an electronic business card app that provides you with much more than just a business card. You can choose from one of our professionally crafted e-business card templates or ask us to design an exclusive new template in line with your brand details. The value added by us to your business will be immense. Go ahead and try out our services!

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